Saturday, March 25, 2017

Triathlon 2017

Kahikatea students featured again in this year's school Triathlon with the most entries from any of the teams within the school. Gina Hafliger from Room 8 was 2nd in the Girls Individual event, and in the Boys Individual event, Cole Goodson was also 2nd, with Walter Walmsley finishing 3rd, Thomas Burt 4th, Mac Winter 7th, and Thomas Gardner 21st.
Cole finishing 2nd in the Boys Individual event.

Gina finishing 2nd in the Girls Individual event.

Gina on the biking leg.

Walter crosses the finish line in 3rd place.
Mac finishes in 7th.

Kahikatea team- winners again at the school Swimming Sports

Kahikatea Team were convincing overall champions at this years school Swimming Sports and received a Pizza lunch as a reward from the school Principal. Well done TEAM!

The Team on the bank supporting the swimmers.

Riley in action

Team Cheer group leading the chants!

Rock Up team building day

As part of the EOTC programme for 2017, each teaching team participated in a team building day called "Rock Up" in the school grounds where the students rotated around a number of activities during the day. The highlight was the Rock Wall where students had a number of opportunities to scale the different approaches to get to the top. The four classes within Team Kahikatea were mixed up to become ten groups for the day, and an added task was for the group to care for a balloon for the day. Most groups named and cared for their balloon really well, but a few experienced the odd "accident", and had to give an eulogy at the end of the day. Great hilarity and fun was had by all over the day, and a few more friends made as well.
Emma scales the Rock Wall

One of the balloon mascots

A group hug around the cube they have successfully assembled.

Harrison passes the ball on to Campbell in the Goal Shooting relay.
Fun trying to knock each other off the pole.

Heather scales the wall.

Gia gets airborne.

Cole works his way up the wall.

Jaedyn gives his eulogy for the balloon his group parted with.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Swim to Survive 2017 programme

The class has been involved in the "Swim to Survive" programme this week in the school pool learning about River Safety, Survival Strokes, Boat Safety, and Snorkeling. The class then visited WaterWorld on the last day of the programme to kayak, complete the 200 metre challenge, experience the dive pool, and have fun on the Hydroslide.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

New students in 2017

Harrison Peaker

Hithen Raaj

Thijs van Driel

Danielle Taylor

Riley Ormsby

Shelby Wallace

Thomas Burt

Kaylah Waihi
Sarah Collins
Bella Pye
Caitlin Williams
Blake Marshall
Dean Moxon
Thomas Gardner
Jordan McGahan
Anaru Foster
Kennedy Hosking

The start of the 2017 school year has signalled the arrival of the new students into the class, which has undergone another shift, and is now based in Room 8. Our Year 8 students have all headed off to High School, and the new Year 7 students have all arrived and are making themselves familiar with their new Year 8 classmates and new environment. Welcome to all the new faces into the class and DLU. We all look forward to working with each other.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

2016 Year 8 Graduation Social

The Year 8 students at the Graduation Social with teacher Mr Metcalfe. They are-
Back row- Ella, Loren, Tiana, Emily, Isabella, Jorja and Tina
Middle row- Bianca                                                                  
Front row- Chloe, Nikita, Jasmine and Xavier                         

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

University Gaming trip 2016

Our Year 8 students spent a two hour session on coding to create a game at Waikato University in our annual visit. The students had fun creating their own space invaders game and enjoyed their visit to the university campus. Thanks go to Mr Nilesh Kanji who hosted the class and ran the session.
Loren and Ella

Isabella, Bianca and Emily

Xavier gets help

Amirkhon and Chloe